New Items in Our Store

We’ve partnered with Kitty Town Coffee to bring you delicious coffee that supports the mission of helping cats. A portion of each bag sale goes directly to Alleycats & Aristocats. In addition, with each bag sold, Kitty Town Coffee makes a donation to a cat shelter in the amount that it takes to feed a cat for a week.

If you love cats and coffee like we do, grab a bag of coffee today. Coffee will be available for pickup beginning June 18th at Cats on the Square.

  • Our most popular blend: a little nutty, a little sweet, and so smooth you'd swear we added cream. The Albert Blend will be one of the smoothest coffees you’ve ever tasted. If you find yourself watering down your coffee or adding a lot of cream, this is the perfect blend for you.
  • The Fezzik is a delightfully rich and sweet medium roast coffee with notes of caramel and nuts. This coffee is truly a crowd pleaser, rich body, silky smooth, with a nutty and delicious finish.
  • Max Hazelnut

    Max Hazelnut is exactly what it sounds like--Hazelnut to the max! You'll get the smooth and rich hazelnut flavor in our original coffee so you can have the energy to do other things like save the world.
  • When people say "bold" to describe coffee, they usually mean one of three things - strong, bitter, or bright. Robust Roy is a bright coffee. The boldness you'll enjoy in this cup is reminiscent of a dry wine or high cacao dark chocolate. If those are things you love, Robust Roy is for you.
  • This is closest to what you typically expect out of your coffee. It's smooth, tasty, and has just enough kick to satisfy. We like to say that this is what you expect from coffee but… better. Nutty and bold with hints of caramel.
  • Our original light roast Brazilian coffee flavored like delicious vanilla butter cream icing.


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