Thuthan’s Ethiopia Sidamo: Light Roast Natural Process


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This coffee is an Ethiopia Sidamo Natural Process–that means that the fruit of the coffee cherry was dried onto the bean, which leaves more delicious fruit notes, but also means that the coffee is nearly impossible to roast perfectly evenly. So the beans are less beautiful, but the taste is unlike any other! Notes of citrus fruits, blueberries, and a touch of floral flavors will hit your tongue in this deliciously complex coffee.

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Thuthan is a special kitty who had a rough start in life. This girl was born with a cleft lip, was declawed on all four paws, has a nub tail, and two collapsed ears. She was adopted then later found by the shelter on Craigslist abused, beaten, and dejected. Thankfully, Thuthan is living her best life with a human who cares for her, and she was even made famous on TikTok.

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Whole Bean, Ground


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